Momentum Tech Sys Pvt Ltd has been delivering Solutions and performing System Integration and Services for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions across Networking, Enterprise Applications, Security, Cloud, Building Management, Unified Communications, Audio-Visual and Datacenters.

It is an existing large Channel Partner / Value Added Reseller for Leading OEMs and product companies such as Extreme, Juniper, Cisco, Tadiran, Microsoft, Honeywell, Bosch, F5 etc and takes End to End solutions to the market utilizing these partnerships.

Momentum Controls Software and Services on the other hand focuses more on, building its own software solutions or partnering with some niche software products in the market to be able to provide an End to End solution to organizations in the areas of Information, Communication and Operations Technologies (ICOT). This enables Momentum Controls to be able to not only help its customers in enhancing their solution portfolio in ICT, IoT and Digital areas but also to help them in their Services and Digital Transformation journey.

We have an extensive roadmap planned for such assets and working with various organizations in the industry to understand their specific pain points or need areas, so that we can have a more relevant roadmap that can immediately address these prevailing industry gap areas. Below is the high level view of our current portfolio.

Kindly get in touch with us to know more about these solutions. If you have similar or a different kind of problem in our area of play, then we should be able to provide you a tailored cost effective solution.

Momentum Performance Management & Analytics Solution (M-PMAS)

M-PMAS is a virtualized performance assurance platform, delivering end-to-end network, application and service performance visibility—right from the user edge to the core network and cloud. It proactively ensures networks and cloud applications meet increasingly stringent performance requirements, optimize network capacity and meet demanding customer expectations on quality of experience. It also leverages its high-quality performance data, analytics and machine learning to identify, predict and prevent customer-impacting issues. It is designed for today’s digitally connected world with multiple use cases along the following areas and others.

Momentum Cyber Security Resiliency & Management (M-CSRM)

The business around us is ever-changing with advent of Cloud computing, Mobility and IoT. This is leading to evolution in the Security threats with more sophisticated attacks adjusted to complex connected ecosystem. Vulnerabilities within a Digital and Physical connected world can be exploited by cybercriminals, thus behavior- based network traffic analytics, unlike signature-based, is able to detect unknown attacks, as well as insider-threats within your environment.

In order to be pervasive, our solution turns full traffic packet data into compact metadata. This allows you to minimize data storage but maximize historical insight, making the solution ideal for today’s expansive virtual and perimeter-less attack surface. Network traffic analytics can help spot any threat lurking on the wire. It gives you the power to see into the darkest reaches of your network with an agile, easy-to-deploy, cost-effective cyber security solution.

It is also the perfect solution for threat hunters with high fidelity forensic source data and alerting. Solution supports investigation through alerts and alert management to provide quick guidance for what has been detected and where to investigate further. This enables accelerated drill-down to identify any real threats. Get early cyber kill chain warnings for threats, Indicators of Compromise (IoCs), and attacks.

Momentum Project Site and Resource Management (M-PSRM)

The solution provides easy management of high-volume projects with Intelligent Project Templates to manage all activities and Real-time tracking, with powerful reports and dashboards. It allows the project management teams to:

  • Seamlessly manage multiple projects,
  • Perform efficient resource management,
  • Digitize all project and site documentation, and
  • Stay on top of project financials with instant insight into expenses and revenues.

The solution offers comprehensive Field management package that ensures the project management teams are connected to field resources while they are on-site through a Mobile App and are able to optimize scheduling and dispatch of field resources. The solution further ensures:

  • Safety using customizable safety forms,
  • Accountability with geo-fencing and precise directions to sites
  • Improve first-time fix rates with Jobs
  • Act swiftly with automatic updates
  • Maximize the value of your assets
  • Faster realization of revenue by managing post-deployment activities,
  • Optimize processes with automatic scheduling and assignment
  • Prompt updates to customer on site progress